The storefront with the new brandmark.

The New Winn Dixie

The primary brandmark configuration has no tagline, which makes a powerful statement as it lets the brandmark stand on its own, and puts an emphasis on visual clarity. This leads for a general purpose mark that works well across all applications and the preferred choice for signage.

Old vs New

The old brandmark as it compares to the new brandmark. Beside them is the rationale behind the new brandmark.

The new brandmark with its clearspace and sizing requirements as well as color applications.

Usage Guidelines

This spread outlines the clearspace requirements and permitable color variations for the new brandmark.

All of the exterior signage including storefront, car corral, and monumental signage.

Exterior Signage

An overview of the exterior signage. Examples include the storefront, car corral and monumental signage.

The complete branded stationery system.

Stationery System

The application of the identity system across the entire stationery system.

Delivery Trucks

The brandmark as it would appear on various delivery trucks.