And We’re Live in 3… 2… 1… Mused on

The latest version of this site, as I’m sure you noticed, has officially been soft launched as of right this very second. I moved hosts, so the site or its images might be intermittent for the next few hours. I still have work to do before the ‘official’ launch. Either way, this is a momentous step forward. The following is a FAQs of sorts.

Wait, what’s going on here?

I felt it was time for a change around here, so I overhauled the whole site. There’s more to it than that and I will be going into more detail about it with the official launch. The problem is, I changed hosting providers and site architecture, losing all my sub-domains (that had important components of the site in them) in process; and I need those in place before I can officially ‘go live’.

The issue is that I need to start going live (by moving name servers) before I can set those up. It’s a real catch 22. The solution was the soft launch; I have a 98% functioning site, so there’s no downtime, and I can now set up the remaining 2%.

Here’s why these sub-domains are so important

Most of my portfolio pieces have downloads and web components, and those all lived at a sub-domain. I host a few other simple web sites at sub-domains. I have client access for ongoing projects at a sub-domain. My project management / billing software also, you guessed it, lives at a sub-domain. These are all important and need to be in place as part of an official launch.

Why make a big deal about this

Simply, it’s going to be a bit longer before I can get to preparing the type of release notes / launch overview I want to write as I get the rest of this settled; and I can’t not have a single blog post. Also, I want people to be aware that there is broken bits here and there, that those are expected and I’m working on fixing them.

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