Head on view of the front cover

Front Cover

Head on view of the front cover.

Front and back covers

Cover Details

Front and back covers.

Beauty shot of the book

Fanned Open

Beauty shot of the book.

Title Spread

The book starts by defining graphic design with a quote from a full-time faculty member.

How is Design Relevent

To help alleviate concerns about the need for design, the book outlines the relevance of design in our society.

This is Not Art Camp

This spread drives home that The Art Institute of Tampa prepares students for the real world business of graphic design.

Section break for year two of the course catalog

Year Two

Section break for year two of the course catalog.

Where is Graphic Design

A spread illustrating all the places you can find graphic design in everyday places such as a grocery store. This drives home the fact that design surounds us, it is anywhere and everywhere; and there will always be a need for it.